About Us

Split Point, Inc. was founded in 2016 by Gayle Blanks – Vincent and Ramon Vincent.
Split Point, came into existence after Ramon wrote “Steak or Ramen” a short film on the subject of Parental Alienation. The pair knew that “Steak or Ramen” was more
than just a film but the beginning of their philanthropy together as a team. Their aspirations and goals are to create many more projects in several areas of entertainment that shed light on other injustices. Stories that will inspire, excite and move you!

Split Point Inc. is a unique Brand, an enterprise of businesses that will provide new
job opportunities and work united to service our community and your community.
Our corporate office here in Westlake Village will be managing our Freight Logistics, future film productions, Parental Alienation Advocacy and coming soon, new home

Gayle Blanks - Vincent

CEO and Co-Creator of Tae Bo® Fitness

Gayle Blanks, CEO and Co-Creator of Tae Bo® Fitness, has always had a love for film and is excited to bring important stories to life through Split Point, Inc. Over the past fifteen years, Gayle has been very involved in philanthropy, having formed and managed the former Billy Blanks® Foundation for ten years. She has been very involved with our military, our homeless, and the less fortunate here in Los Angeles, and Erie, PA, where she is originally from. Steak or Ramen is Split Point, Inc.’s first film and she is thrilled to explore and create more stories!

Ramon Vincent

Ramon Vincent has worked in the entertainment industry in many capacities. A published photographer, from reality shows to music videos, he has an eye for cinematography and detail. Ramon graduated from Video Symphony as a new media film editor. He has a passion for telling stories, which is apparent in his still and moving images. Ramon has an exceptional strength in motion graphics and any and all graphic design. In the past he has told his stories through Rap music, now he is proud to showcase his storytelling as the writer of Steak or Ramen, based on a subject dear to his heart.