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A talented team of producers, directors, visionaries, and a hard-working crew come together to provide YOU, and the public, the next in cutting edge cinematography. Split Point, Inc. is your home for any production and photography needs, and so much more! We’ve produced films, music videos, special events, photo shoots, and are ready to work with you on whatever sparks your creativity!


Steak or Ramen is now available, a film that showcases the beginning stages of parent alienation. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube page (click here) to stay up to date on our upcoming projects!

Steak or Ramen was produced by Ramon Vincent and Gayle Blanks. It was written by Ramon with the hopes of spreading light upon what is essentially a form of child abuse – parent alienation.

We hope this short film create a lasting impact on your life in a positive way. Split Point Inc. was founded with the goal of creating messages that have a meaningful impact on the world and spread positivity to all who watch.

We hope you enjoy Steak or Ramen!


Parenting is a Blessing NOT a right, t-shirts now available. Help us create more movies dedicated to showcasing parent alienation and the steps we can take as a society to prevent it. T-shirts available here.